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    How to Beat a DUI FightDUICharges is an on demand DUI law organization and online guide, specializing free legal assistance for drivers seeking to learn how to challenge and dimiss or reduce unfair DUI arrest charges in court effectively.


    DUI Defense including Driving While High, Breath Test Refusal, and Ignition Interlock Exemptions

    DUI and DWI charges are a very severe and complicated criminal matter, because it can include a variety of different criminal offenses. It is important to realize that there are winning defenses to all of these charges and achieving Ignition Interlock exemptions, that a skilled DUI attorney can provide. Typically referred to as Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated, are the following offenses:

    1. Drunk Driving
    2. Driving While High (Marijuana)
    3. Breath or Blood Test BAC Refusal
    4. Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs

    Expert DUI Lawyers Fighting to Get a Case Dismissal and Ignition Interlock Reprieve

    Drivers pulled over for a suspected DUI or DWI stop are asked by police to submit to a roadside breath test so their BAC level can be read. If the Breathalyzer reading is below .08 BAC, then an individual will usually not be arrested in most cases. However, when a driver blows over the legal limit or refuses to take the breath test at all, then a person is likely going to be charged with driving under the influence or a test refusal.


    Drivers currently facing a recent charge of drunk or drugged driving, must not limit their options of getting the best DUI defense possible. An expert DUI/DWI lawyer can examine your circumstances and discuss what legal tactics are the most effective defenses. A person should never assume anything and automatically enter a guilty plea to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The fallout from pleading guilty are very serious under the new laws in every state. A driver will automatically have a driver's licenses suspended, or be required to driver with an expensive and intrusive Ignition Interlock device installed on any vehicle they operate. This could easily result in losing a job for many people facing this situation. Additionally, car insurance rates will go up enormously for 5 years after a first DUI offense conviction is on a person's driving record.


    Since there are so many legal factors and consequences to be considered when fighting DUI cases, it is essential to secure the help and free advice with experienced DUI lawyer with FightDUICharges. When discussing the situation with the best car accident injury lawyer nearby or local defense attorney, it is important to be ready to answer a number of questions, such as the details of what took place before, during, and after a DUI or DWI arrest. This information of what happened is crucial to establishing the proper and best defense strategy, with the ultimate objective to get a DUI case dismissed or drastically reduce charges to a less serious offense.


    DUI Defense always starts with a free online arrest review

    When a driver arrested for DUI/DWI seeks our help, we always begin with a careful review your arrest and answer any of your questions. There is never a fee or cost of any kind with our organization, and no other obligation at any time. Once we can review your DUI arrest online, will then be in an informed position to let you know what to expect will happen for a first DUI offense, along with any other strategies to help you win and beat the case in court.


    Talk with a DUI/DWI lawyer soon as possible for best case outcome

    When fighting many first-time offender DUI cases, our specialist DUI/DWI lawyers will often try to speak with the prosecution attorney soon after an arrest happens, and prior to charges officially getting filed in the local courthouse. Our defense lawyers primary goal is to negotiate with the prosecution attorney as to the reasons why a DUI or DWI case should be dropped before a case ever officially goes to court. With the right expert DUI lawyers on your side to accomplish this result, this is one of the most effective ways is best to dismiss or lower charges before they get filed, and win an Ignition Interlock exemption as well.


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